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Bermuda Field

Once the Hybrid Bermudagrass is well established management becomes the most important thing. Paying attention to Lime and fertility needs and cutting at the right time can result in 6 to 8 tons of high quality hay per acre each year.

Burgess Falls

Water is our most precious natural resource. Tennessee has over 60,000 miles of streams, approximately 536,000 acres of lakes and about 787,000 acres of wetlands. Clean water promotes public health, agriculture, manufacturing, recreation, and serves as the foundation of a healthy environment.

Pond Upgrade

TDA cost-share funds helped install two armored ramps into this pond. Fencing off the pond except for the ramps keeps cattle from destroying the banks and dam, and creates two pastures for rotational grazing. The results are a longer life for the pond, cleaner water for livestock and more productive pastures.

Native WarmSeason Grass (NWSG) Drill

The drill is available for rent through the Putnam County SCD in Cookeville, for $7.50 per acre, with a $100 minimum. The drill requires a tractor that has auxiliary hydraulics, and preferably at least 60 hp. The drill cannot be towed at high speeds. Planting width is 6.5 feet, and total width is 10.5 feet. The unit has adjustable depth control and variable seeding rate adjustments. For more information or to schedule the use of the drill, call (931) 528-6472 extension 3.

Watering System

Landowners can simplify their rotational grazing by a watering trough that can be used to service more than one pasture.

Wise Use Today, for Continued Use Tomorrow

News Releases

Putnam County SCD 69th Annual Awards Banquet

The 69th Annual Awards Banquet was held on November 13th, 2018 at Hyder-Burks Pavilion to honor Putnam County farmers, their families, farm supporters, and local students.  The winners pictures and awards they were recognized for are included in this article.   We...

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