The Putnam County SCD hosted a Cover Crop Field Day for local farmers from Putnam, Overton, Cumberland, Jackson, and Fentress counties in Tennessee.  The field day was held on a farm that local cover cropper, Rusty Chilcutt is sowing soy beans as his main crop.  He is using a 3-species cover crop consisting of wheat, rye, and clover to help with soil health. 

Those in attendance was 8 local cover crop farmers, TACD Soil Health Specialist Mike Hubbs, NRCS Area Resource Soil Scientist Melissa Oliver, TDA Watershed Coordinator Mark Hudson, NRCS District Conservationist Darrell Beason, NRCS Program Support Assistant Joseph Lizio, Soil Conservation Technician Nick Raab, Overton District Technician Jimmy White, and Putnam District Technician Jake Jarrett.